Zeit Originale


Branding and Social Media

Zeit Originale is a high quality Libyan brand with European standards. The name and the lubricant type merges the best of both worlds. Zeit Originale was born in Italy yet nurtured in Libya. Adcreators MENA pushed the speeding paddle, where the logo, motto and branding along with social media strategies were developed and implemented.

Zeit Originale represents a dynamic fusion mirroring the essence of speed and power while paying homage to the Italian heritage. With its new re-branding, Zeit Originale symbolises inclusivity and a global perspective between both countries and cultures.

The term “Originale” is added to the original name “Zeit” to signify a unique partnership. It conveys that Zeit items are expertly made in Italy and delivered by the Libyan firm Zeit with passion and dedication. The combination of the two worlds’ best elements yields outstanding automotive goods.