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Branding, Social Media, Website and Mobile App

This shipping services company is unique in Lebanon. Their approach to business is young, energetic, transparent and sincere. We enjoyed working with them to portray the latter. From rebranding their visual identity to populating their website, creating their motto and handling their social media accounts, Adcreators MENA are proud to have taken the lead in positioning SeaSky Services where they belong in the market. On too!

After having Adcreators MENA work on their visual identity, branding, naming and web development, from content to backend, the company is now empowered and has re-launched properly in a way that their internal team is now taking charge of new ideas to get closer to customers as they creatively apply them to expand to bigger markets.

Our agency has truly empowered Sea Sky and gave them the correct launchpad they need to be even more successful.

A Lebanese company of heritage: experts in shipping needed expert web developers and a creative team to design a website encompassing all their story, services and identity. Comes Adcreators MENA, for whatever problem the user needs to solve, the corresponding information has been properly portrayed. The website is an interactive, organised bundle of information logically displayed in order to add value and expand our client’s business.

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“When we decided to rebrand Sea Sky Services, we had meetings with 10 rebranding and marketing companies to choose from . Adcreatorsmena‘s team stood out since the first meeting by expressing their interest in our vision and mission.

They made us feel that it was not just another job for them ,that they believe in our objective of spreading awareness about the necessity of increasing exports for a healthy economy. The website in itself is a testimonial of their passion and creativity. The team is very patient, authentic and passionate and our collaboration was smooth and successful.”

Rima Azar - General Manager, Sea Sky Services
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