Process Share


Branding Social Media Website and Mobile App

Few are the dreamers who actually stick to it. Many years in the making, process share is now a viable concept, a real useful tool that achieves seamless B2B process integration and collaboration technology for fast, intelligent and optimised end-to-end supply chain operations. Adcreators MENA, proudly linked theory to practise by rebranding the company, creating social media strategy including creative video animations to further the concept and have the company’s added value highlighted.


A software that has the capacity to disrupt how business is done. Process Share streamlines data and business operations to maximise their utility and straight-up adds value to any business who uses it. It is a smart process for a smarter business.


Adcreators MENA has developed Process Shares’ online identity, brand visuals and social media strategy and implementation. With the business’ end goal in mind, we have developed a visual identity that is simple yet portraying a world of business acumen behind it, allowing users to trust the brand quicker. Process Share reimagines the supply chain by allowing partners to collaborate in real-time on a single end-to-end integrated platform. We sought to clearly shed light on this unique company’s selling points, especially in the choice of language and tones within our online communication.