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Zahli Modern Middle Eastern is a globally-acclaimed restaurant, bringing the best of Lebanese dining to Sydney’s booming and hip Surry Hills. In the business’ maturity phase, it was facing a struggle in attracting a new audience and missing out on a potential social media and search presence. In partnering with Adcreators, we spoke content, strategy and engagement that would reshape its marketing campaign.

The Challenge

It is no secret that Sydney’s dining scene is filled with crème de la crème in cuisines from around the world. In an industry that was growing exponentially, Zahli faced a little challenge in reaching an extensive audience that was searching for what it was offering online – in particular on the highly-visual Instagram.

The Approach

Content is King, Queen and everything in between! A Content Strategy was at the start of our approach, where we worked to create new content – images, videos, blog posts and more – that would help highlight the experience. Through a local SEO approach and geo-targeted social media ads, this message was spread to the right audience.


With the launch of a new website, the marketing strategy and execution perfectly complemented the brand’s way to meet its objectives. From gift card purchases online to restaurants at full-house every weekend, we continue to see month-on-month improvement in performance and the “Zahli” name buzzing.

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