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Complementing their brand new website, Prominent Lawyers further expanded  its growth through the introduction of additional legal branches. As they evolved, so too did the industry, demand and the need for a refreshed online presence. Seeking the right legal professional – whether business or individual – can be overwhelming for consumers with so many options, so the objective here was how to set the brand apart, ensure they are seen, heard and their message, convincing.

The Challenge

Legal marketing comes with a unique set of guidelines. This means what works across other industries and even amongst other firms in the legal industry, cannot be taken as a universal approach. Our aim was to counter the perception of complexity that many had, and identify the most clever ways to simplify, engage and inspire.

The Approach

Engaging in content marketing for search, social and direct strategies is a clear investment, especially when part of a highly saturated, highly competitive market. The intention in approaching Prominent Lawyers’ marketing was to deliver thought-invoking content that established the Firm (to those who did not know them) as reliable, trusted and approachable.


As a result of the marketing strategy that complemented the brand new optimised website, the ongoing campaigns and online presence see increasing awareness, reach and leads on a monthly basis. Keeping the brand back of mind for new audiences and maintaining loyalty strategies for current audiences continue to see growing results for the Firm.

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