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Through the benefits of Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) technology, 20Perfit provides 20-minute sessions, scientifically proven to deliver optimal results in less time. Being one of few providers in Australia, Adcreators was sought to deliver digital and social solutions to educate and persuade the market of its benefits. It did involve extensive research and development, and most excitedly, participation in this exercise method for a comprehensive understanding.

The Challenge

Introducing a novel technique to a saturated and well-informed market presented a little hurdle, with scepticism also arising through the technique itself that was tech-driven. With the process requiring participants to wear a specialised suit operated by machinery, at first glance, it was difficult to capture the audiences’ attention.

The Approach

Knowledge is power. Taking an informative direction is what captured and engaged, delivering a strategy through social media ads, meaningful blog articles and user-generated content to inform of the multitude of benefits. Tied in with PR and events, it was in no time the brand’s interest and franchise opportunities were the talk of the town.


EMS is a scientifically-proven exercise taking the world by storm. Thanks to 20PerFit, its presence in Australia is making it more accessible, and this is a direct result of clever marketing. Through extensive audience reach and telling the right story, memberships, franchises and media coverage remain on the rise.

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