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The property development company’s bread and butter is in site acquisition and real estate, with most of its business built through strategic networking and joint venture opportunities. For many in the industry, active marketing is not a priority, but in today’s age, it is a requirement. Working with the team at Cite Group, we set three key objectives for marketing before implementing our approach – brand awareness; thought leadership; and engaged audiences.

The Challenge

Property and real estate are volatile markets, but in the Australian landscape, they play a key role in the country’s largest industries. With many players in the field, the first challenge was in how to establish and present Cite Group as a trusted, reliable and noteworthy source.

The Approach

A clearly identified Content Strategy was the first deliverable on our checklist, showcasing the brand’s knowledge, insights and voice of reason as a trusted source. Selecting the right keywords helped them, and kept them, ranking on Google’s page 1 for industry searches, while the supporting blog is often a place of reference for site users.


Through Adcreators’ efforts, Cite Group was able to reach its marketing objectives within the first few months of campaign performance, giving SEO and Social Media results like never before. From their LinkedIn company page to their Instagram profile, audience engagement is of the highest performing metrics and so too is their brand recall.

Rami Inaty - Managing Director
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