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VitaSmart offers smart, safe and simple drinking water solutions to promote the most pure essence of the product. Through global research and development, the brand set its eyes on Australia to launch its first e-commerce store and aimed to tell their story offline and online. After having worked with the brand to build its identity and online shopping experience, we partnered with them to amplify their message.

The Challenge

Initially, there was a little skepticism from the audience in regards to the known difference between filtered and unfiltered water, with many unaware of the toxins that could be found in the latter. Our biggest hurdle was in finding the right, most authentically convincing message to promote their products.

The Approach

Through clever content and tackling an educational approach, our Search and Social efforts started with a three-tier process → awareness, conversion, retention. Then complemented by referrals, the name and difference caught on like wildfire and today we have one of the greatest success stories.


Measured by site traffic, sales and repeat customers, we have successfully worked towards achieving VitaSmart’s KPIs in the business set-up phase. Growing numbers month-on-month are a testament to these achievements, and so too is the spiking online engagement rates.

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