3 Post-Coronavirus Predictions – A human-centred tech perspective

As the COVID-19 pandemic spreads throughout the globe, we are being forced to do what humans do best; innovate & adapt.
Our habits, our way of working, our way of living has changed, possibly forever.
Here are 3 predictions of a post-coronavirus world, from a human-centred technology perspective:

1. The Rise of the Contactless Interface

Pre-coronavirus, we experienced the rise of touch screens. Things have changed. With our heightened sensitivity and awareness of how easy diseases are transmitted, expect a Post-Covid-19 world with fewer touch screens. 

We have already seen the shift towards contactless payment methods. I predict a rise in contactless interactions will spread throughout industries via voice and machine vision technology that will recognise voice commands, faces and body gestures with an ultimate goal of limiting physical contact.

2. Remote Work

We are in the middle of an involuntary, mass scale experiment. Hundreds of millions of workers are waking up to the realities of WFH full-time, and it may not be what they expected. Productivity, mental health, trust and team collaboration are all being put to the test right now.

The pros and cons of WFH have never been tested with a sample size of this magnitude. Expect a post-COVID-19 world where your boss may actually force you to WFH a couple of days a week and make you take that client meeting via Zoom instead of using a cab charge. 

3. Bring your Business Online or Fail

Pre-coronavirus we all knew that e-commerce, digital marketing and having an online presence was important to run a successful business. Now it’s become essential to survive. 

Post-coronavirus, I predict we will have all learned that a business without an online strategy is a business that exposes itself to the threat of financial ruin. Even if you run a brick-and-mortar business, you need to figure out ways to communicate with your customers and offer services online.

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