Social Media Marketing: Is it worth it?

It sure is. But it requires an entirely new outlook on marketing communications, a newfound love for the ‘double-tap’ and accepting the fact that you need to keep your customers satisfied – no matter how exclusive your brand is. 

– By Rana Rahme


As 2020 continues to throw fireballs, businesses are becoming increasingly comfortable with the idea of investing much time and effort into social media networks as part of their marketing strategy. Naturally, the ‘cost-free’ nature of social media marketing has turned the heads of many businesses, small and large, shifting the concept of digital marketing as merely a streaming of social media tactics. Despite this, there is considerable debate surrounding the idea of investing money into social media as the questions regarding ROI have foggy answers. 

Alas, the question arises; is social media marketing worth it? 

But for those who devote their attention to ROI and evidence-based marketing efforts, the answer is simple: HECK YES!

Use (effectively), not abuse.

Social media is precisely what the title denotes. It means mingling among the digital realm, meeting and greeting new people through mass communication. This mass communication then leads to consumer motivations to engage with your brand, simply because they know about you. 

Many businesses have reaped the benefits of brand awareness and reputation management through the use of social media marketing. Effectively used, there is no doubt that social media can (and I say this with full confidence) generate leads and conversion through customer response. 

A great facilitator for brand recognition, social media platforms then become an ecosystem unto themselves; social media feeds of posts, posts feed of conversions, conversions feed off leads, leads feed off social media.  

The easiest way to understand how social media marketing can work to your benefit is to flip the script. Turn the idea of ROI upside because now, more than ever, you must consider consumer motivations and use them to your advantage. 

Instead of asking what this type of exposure can do for your brand, instead ask, what can my brand do for those I am being exposed to? 

Objectives versus metrics

It is important to remember that the worst-case scenario for social media marketing is NOT losing money. The worst-case scenario is focusing on metrics rather than objectives. 

Your worst-case scenario is not losing money. 

When considering a social media marketing strategy, it is pivotal to reconsider your overall marketing strategy. As mentioned above, turning your thinking upside down and focusing on what your brand is doing for your consumer base can mean ROI in, not one, two ways: in dollars and brand awareness. 

When any business refers to traditional objectives of marketing, profit remains central. In this instance, when a company invests in social media marketing, it is natural to automatically assume that having zero leads or no activity during a campaign is the worst thing that could happen. Again, wrong. Having zero exposure or ill-intentioned social media can hurt more. 

When discussing the intentions of your social media post, I want you to consider the following: 

  • Tread carefully: using the COVID-19 pandemic can be advantageous, but be sure not to come across as desperate – does your brand want to help or does it want to leverage from consumer vulnerability during this challenging time? (Answer carefully).
  • Tell your story: storytelling is one of the most powerful tools of communication but is commonly misunderstood. It isn’t about starting from the beginning and working your way up to the end; it is about living in the present and telling your audience all of the great things your business has to offer. It is about letting your audience know that you are here and that you are here to stay. 
  • Have a sturdy Communication Strategy: Establishing a strong Communication Strategy can help pave the way to business success. It helps establish a personality, a strong voice and an even firmer tone so that whatever platform your brand appears on, and whomever you are talking to, your business is getting the message across.
Get with the times

The rapidly evolving and dynamic nature of the internet is also another means that your brand’s social media space is not fixed. If a campaign or content strategy is unsuccessful, with careful review and analysis, it can be changed, improved, and proven. 

Being social media savvy means that, in the words of the late Aaliyah, if at first, you don’t succeed, dust yourself off, and try again. 

Now, more than ever, the prevalence of a digital presence is outstanding. It has become necessary to assess the effectiveness of your social media efforts. What does this mean? It means, doesn’t get left in the dark in regards to effectively managing your brand’s presence on social media. A strategic plan with rules and a framework can, to an extent, control your consumers and their engagement with your brand. 

For many, using social media for business is still a question. If you need more convincing, you can contact us to learn more at where we spend hours on end #creating and #connecting your business to the entire world. 

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