Journeying with an innovator who creates and promotes pure water, through identity and UX

Our Creation - Vitasmart
Branding & Website Design

VitaSmart is here to offer a high-quality product, so partnering with a high-quality provider was of no compromise. Having found Adcreators all the way from UAE, one team with a vision to bring their tech and talent to Australia found the agency of choice in us. Assessing and understanding their product, our first objective was creating the perfect identity, then delivering it.


Starting with a creative concept, a colour palette, a custom typeface, brand values and a tagline, our team of Branding experts explored options until we found the one.


Complementing the logo look and feel with an identifiable icon, we had a vision geared towards making the name synonymous with the product.


Our Creation - Vitasmart
Our Creation - Vitasmart
Our Creation - Vitasmart
Our Creation - Vitasmart

Smart, Safe, Simple – the slogan that inspired our approach to the design and development of the e-commerce website. With a mobile application on the way, the website  is the main bridge between new and repeat customers, and the brand itself. So, we had to ace it! As a new entrant, the greatest drive was creating a platform where an audience could easily gather all the information they sought – then transact.

Introducing Australia’s audience to the newest and most innovative water purification solutions.

28% Rise in organic traffic

74% Increase of online

26% Rise in social media sales engagement

VitaSmart offers smart, safe and simple drinking water solutions to promote the most pure essence of the product. Through global research and development, the brand set its eyes on Australia to launch its first e-commerce store and aimed to tell their story offline and online. After having worked with the brand to build its identity and online shopping experience, we partnered with them to amplify their message.


It’s unique, it’s witty, it’s VitaSmart. Bringing an idea to life, the brand identity and website have proven a solid foundation for the business, experiencing exceptional results so early on.Customers, wholesalers and suppliers easily engage, making the smart concept seamless.

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