Recycling Near You

Pairing with Planet Ark to deliver digital solutions for one of their newest initiatives

Website Design

Adcreators, having collaborated on joint projects with Planet Ark time and time again, was engaged to work on one of its newest and most innovative campaigns, Recycling Near You. As a resource and informational hub for the local community, the platform was to serve as an all-encompassing website and directory to provide ease and convenience.

Enter Adcreators. Our design and development team worked collaboratively to consider the most strategic approach. The problem we were aiming to solve was that the invaluable information on the site was not being accessed.

With a broad target this site was targeting, our approach involved insightful analysis of consumer behaviour, in a way that presented the data creatively and simply.

As a result, the current site now live to local residents, businesses and the wider community has prompted a great response for Recycling Near You and Planet Ark. The results have shown more users landing on the site, and staying on the site, with frequent monthly visits as a reference point for information. In addition, the organisation is able to effectively execute and manage campaigns that link bank to the website, which as a result boasts positive metrics month on month.


Planet Ark is one of Australia’s most reputable and recognised not-for-profit organisations, and it was a wonderful project working alongside the team to bring value and assistance to Australians across all states and territories.

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