Liban Cables

55 years of laying hope

Video Production

For their 55th year of operation, Liban Cables, the leading distributor of electrical cables in Lebanon, approached Adcreators MENA to produce a celebratory video advertisement. Given the recent challenges faced by the country, including a three-fold catastrophe, the team at Adcreators MENA wanted to create a video that was both celebratory and emotional.

We have developed a script and storyline that captured the spirit of the occasion and the resilience of the people of Lebanon. We worked closely with the team at Liban Cables to ensure that the final product accurately reflected the company’s values and mission.

Challenge: The team at Adcreators MENA was faced with the challenge of producing a celebratory video advertisement for Liban Cables’ 55th year of operation, while also addressing the recent challenges faced by Lebanon, including a three-fold catastrophe. The team sought to strike a delicate balance between honouring the company’s milestone anniversary and showing sensitivity to the difficult circumstances the country is facing.

Approach: To produce such a delicate video advertisement our team employed a thoughtful and targeted approach. We worked to capture the attention of social media users, and rank highly in relevant searches, all with the goal of making a lasting impression on the intended audience. Additionally, we utilized retargeting strategies to ensure that our clients remained at the forefront of their minds. By carefully planning and executing our approach, we were able to deliver a powerful and impactful video for Liban Cables.