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Waste, waste management and recycling can be difficult to interest the masses with, but it is important to educate and inform Australians through clever, relatable content. As Bingo Industries grew from a family-owned business to a publicly-listed enterprise, it was time to up the ante and boost the brand who was being seen on a global scale. With the many sectors under the business’ umbrella, their multifaceted operations meant it was our responsibility to strategically identify the who, why and how.

The Challenge

The brand’s public listing set a whole new benchmark for the way it had to reshape and represent itself. In the dynamic industry, we had to inspire action and drive thought-invoking content. Despite the end-goal being leads, impressions and conversions, it was also about knowing what to say, how to say it and ensuring resonance.

The Approach

Communication is key. This uncompromisable ideology influenced our strategy and directed the turning point for Bingo Industries’ digital and social presence. Our Communication Strategy which defined our Content Strategy allowed for copy and media that aided in the customer journey.

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Searching for high intent keywords, clarifying the audience and how to  stay relevant was the key to success. Month on month, the campaign performance saw an influx in site visitors, conversion rates, sales and brand recall (online and offline) that was reflected in the Company’s ASX results

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